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Shattuck-St. Mary's Prep Roster

Shattuck-St. Mary's picked the roster for their Prep hockey team yesterday, and will jump right into things with a game against the NAHL's Wenatchee Wild tonight. Here's a look at some of the players that will be on the team this year, along with their grade, and where they came from for the new guys.

Sam Alfieri 12
Alexander Fallstrom 12
Brad Robbins 11
Erik Haula(Newcomer from Finland) 11
Jason Clark (Newcomer from Eden Prairie, MN) 11
Joe Basaraba(Newcomer from Fort Frances, ON) 11
Jean-Paul Lafontaine 11
Blake Matecjek 12
Andrew O'Leary 12
James Polk 11
Sebastien Nilsson 12

Ben Montgomery 12
Nathan Sinz 12(Playing an extra year with Shattuck)
Stephen Hickey 12
Kyle Forte 12
Kirill Gotovets 11
Justin Lutsch 11
Kevin Touhy 12

Garrett Jensen 12
Kurt Williams 12

Overall, this Shattuck team should be a little on the small side, but very fast. Haula is supposed to be the superstar of the group, with some draft projections having him go in the first round of next summer's NHL Draft. Alex Fallstrom, who almost opted to play in Sweden this year, has also looked very, very good. Basaraba was selected in the second round of last summer's OHL Priority Selection, so he could be a big contributor as well.