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New Commits

I don't think I ever mentioned that goalie Joe Howe committed to Colorado College for the 2009 season. Howe played high school hockey in Wayzata, Minnesota before moving on to the USHL last season. He'll replace Drew O'Connell who graduates next season, and could step in as a starter if Richard Bachmann has another great year and decides to turn pro.

Justin Filzen committed to play for Alaska this season. Filzen played his high school hockey for Proctor High School, near Duluth and made a nice name for himself playing junior hockey last season.

Traverse City forward Kyle Jean committed to Lake Superior. He's a local kid with a lot of potential. A very nice pick-up for LSSU.

Keegan Meuer committed to Wisconsin. The World of Junior Hockey notes that Wisconsin has a recruiting pipeline with the Waterloo Blackhawks, now having four recruits from that team, as opposed to just three from every other team.

NTDP U17 defenseman Adam Clendening committed to Boston College. He's a small fast defenseman from Buffalo that played hockey in Toronto last year.