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The first national poll of the season was released this week. It's probably the only place you'll find North Dakota as the favorite in the WCHA.

Somewhat funny sidenote: The Minnesota State blogosphere was confused and incensed at Minnesota State only making the 'Others Receiving Votes' category. Though I think Northern Michigan was much more deserving of a spot in the poll after clearly having a better season than the Mavericks last year. Numbers said so! NUMBERS!!!

Wisconsin recruit Nick Pryor decommitted from Wisconsin. He told the 60 Minutes blog, which broke the story, that it was because of his ACT scores, but then didn't give a reason when talking with Todd Milewski. Personally, I'm inclined to believe the story about some sort of academic problem. Pryor is on the protected list of the Kelowna Rockets in the WHL.

There was a minor kerfuffle earlier this month because USA Hockey was holding Jared Knight to the commitment he signed. Bastards.

The USA Hockey argument for not allowing those kids their release without compensation is that major junior teams wouldn't allow their players to just leave without the team's permission, so they're holding their players to the same standard(I'm paraphrasing here, probably poorly). It looks like they may have point there, since the WHL looks to be in a situation of their own over Evan Pighin, who played two games in the BCHL despite not having permission to do so from the WHL, causing a Raquel Welch-level catfight.