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Bronco Hockey Blog put together an excellent primer on college hockey recruiting. It's a great read for casual fans.

Eliot Olshansky wrote a piece comparing Denver and Minnesota as hosts of national conventions.

Nike/Bauer had some top young NHL players testing some of their products recently, including best pals Jack Johnson and Phil Kessel, who Johnson once reportedly called a dirtbag. Kessel shows his giddiness about the reunion in the third picture down.

Zach Parise has his own Chevy Tahoe.

Shane McColgan left Kelowna without signing a contract, but it's still expected that he'll sign with Kelowna sometime this year. McColgan played very well at Kelowna's camp. According to Gregg Drinnan: "The 15-year-old from Manhattan Beach, Calif., left little doubt that were it not for being too young, he could step into the Rockets’ lineup right now." I'm pretty confident there aren't any NCAA coaches out there looking over their teams and saying, "Man, if only we could get that 15-year-old into our lineup..." I'm just saying.