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Comment Redux

Why no CCHA previews?

I'm not saying anything bad about the CCHA as a league, and I'm not saying that there isn't anybody out there interested in the league, but I don't really feel like knocking myself out cranking out 12 previews that considerably fewer people would be interested in. Most season previews are exercises in endurance and I'm having a hard enough time getting through 10 WCHA previews.

RE: Nick Pryor

It sounds like Pryor's reasons for de-committing weren't because of academics, as I'd guessed. He's reportedly looking at other WCHA schools.

RE: Recruit Star Rankings

Maybe. I know people enjoy them because of their simplicity, but it's something I hate doing because of it's simplicity. It's hard to take something so complex and break it down to a single simple number.

You forgot Kevin Touhy on the Shattuck roster.

I forgot Kevin Touhy on the Shattuck roster. His name never made it from my sheet to the computer. I don't know who is on any of the other Shattuck teams.