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Palin: Hockey Mom or Super Fraud?

So I awoke this morning to hear that John McCain had picked a vice presidential candidate. I was disappointed that Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty fell short of ahis goal of screwing the city of Mankato on a more federal level, but I was excited to hear that the world's least exciting man had at least spiced up his ticket with that guy from Monty Python. Then I found out he actually picked Alaska governor Sarah Palin instead of Michael Palin. It was awkward, though not as bad as the response from the Obama campaign, which was: "No fair! We didn't know we could pick people from outside the United States!"

Anyway, the choice of Palin set the internets abuzz about the lady that is a "self-described hockey mom". I'm not buying it though. Her kids are named Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper, and Trig. A real hockey parent would have given her kids real hockey names like Stone, or Brick, . And shouldn't a hockey mom be taking her poorly-named to see the local college team play? I'm pretty sure all 7 members of their family weren't at UAA games last year since UAA's average attendance was 4 people and a moose.

Plus, let's not ignore the other hockey skeletons in her closet. For example, last year she actually gave a trophy to one of the worst teams in college hockey. Whatever happened to striving for excellence? I'm fairly certain had Barack Obama presided over those games, he would have done something cool like karate kick both goalies and keep the Cup for himself until both teams started winning some conference games.