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Select 17 Festival

I've finally finished my Select 17 Festival Camp report. Overall, there were some excellent players at the camp, despite some of the "big names"(Fowler, Morin, Maxwell) not participating. I was there for the games on Wednesday and Saturday, and solicited a few opinions from people that were there on other days. As usual, comments on goalies are extremely thin since it's hard to judge with such a small sample size.

You can read my thoughts on individual players here.

My top 5 forwards for the camp were:

1. Zach Budish
2. Drew Shore
3. Ryan Walters
4. David Valek
5. Kyle Beattie

And the top defenseman:

1. Collin Bowman
2. William Wrenn
3. Beau Schmitz
4. Nick Leddy
5. Tyler Amburgey