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There's two new blogs out there that are worth adding to our feed reader. The first is the blog Bronco Hockey, which covers Western Michigan. The content so far has been excellent, but I'm sure by mid-November, it will devolve into constant Culhane/Beauregard bashing.

The other is The World of Junior Hockey, which is great if you're interested in following prospects, not just for college hockey, but all of hockey.

I may not be big in the United States, but I'm huge in Alaska. Ok, maybe not in Anchorage, where they're not quite sure who I am, but definitely Fairbanks, where I'm apparently part of the Doc DelCastillo fiasco.

The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner has been fighting to get documents relating to the resignation of head coach Doc DelCastillo. There's a lot of legal wrangling between the paper and the university over control of some emails and other correspondence in regards to DelCastillo. But regardless of what comes out, the fact that these documents exist lends credibility to the idea that DelCastillo didn't just wake up one day and decided he didn't want to coach in Alaska any more. On one hand, it's probably in everyone's best interest to just let this thing go and move on, but on the other hand, it's the newspaper's job to report news, so it probably will.

Speaking of Anchorage, Damon Whitten escaped, and was named Michigan State's Director of Hockey Operations. Whitten has always been a fighter, just not a very good one.

Former St. Cloud State Huskies Duvie Wescott and Mark Hartigan will be playing for Dinamo Riga. That might be a good choice for them. In Mother Russia, you don't play in playoffs; playoffs play you.

Robbie Bina signed with the Edmonton Oilers. He's expected to split time between the AHL and ECHL, but still, it's pretty cool that he'll be collecting paychecks for playing hockey after coming back from such a horrifying injury as a sophomore.