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No Penalties in Hockey

The NCAA released their Academic Progress Rate scores for the 2006-2007 year. Men's hockey continued it's trend of being among the best sports in the NCAA in keeping its players on track to graduate. No NCAA teams will be subject to penalties or scholarship reductions due to their APR scores.

Alaska-Anchorage did fall below the minimum score of 925 with a 917 total, but isn't subject to penalties because "the team is performing better than the institution's general student body, or based on institutional, athletics, and student resources".

You can check each individual school here. I'm sure someone will put together a list of all the Division I programs, and when they do, I'll post it here. Brad Schlossman has the WCHA's totals.

Generally, I think the APR has been a great thing for NCAA hockey. It provides a strong incentive for teams to keep players on track to graduate, and these numbers show that hockey teams do an exceptional job of making sure their players get an education while they are in school.