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More on Dalpe

I had mentioned the possibility of Ohio State recruit Zac Dalpe being drafted into the OHL tomorrow, and got a couple interesting emails on his situation.

It seems that Dalpe has been pretty active in talking up and trying to recruit(in an unofficial capacity, of course) some of the younger talent in Ontario on behalf of Ohio State. So it would seem that he's pretty intent on going there.

That said, Ohio State head coach John Markell is on the hot seat in Columbus after a couple disappointing seasons and Dalpe's commitment to Ohio State is dependent on Markell being there as head coach. If Markell was let go over the summer, Dalpe may look to jump to the OHL. I doubt that what happen, however. I think Markell will get one more year, in part because of their strong freshman class last year, and the excellent class he's bringing in this year.