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More Hobey Stuff

I realized that I never said what my top three would have been, but I would have picked Kevin Porter, Jean-Philippe Lamoureux, and Ryan Jones, in that order. Lamoreux probably deserved to be in the top three, but he had no real hope of winning, and the difference between finishing second and fourth isn't really that big of a deal.

Nate Gerbe is a finalist, which doesn't sit well with me, but I guess I can understand it. He was one of the most dynamic players in college hockey this year. INCH said "Residue of Gerbe's flash and enthusiasm is that some people take it the wrong way". I wonder if butt-ending someone is considered flash or enthusiasm? I consider it a pretty dangerous play.

Elliot Olshansky also made a case for Gerbe over Lamoureux in the final three. He says Gerbe's suspension is a dead issue because Hockey East commissioner Joe Bertagna said it shouldn't affect his candidacy. I still think Bertagna had no choice but to say that. This was a terrible year for Hockey East. They only had two teams make the national tournament, and after Gerbe, there were no really legitimate Hobey candidates from that league. Kevin Reagan was the only other Hockey East player to make the top ten, and I think it's pretty safe to say that Richard Bachman would have been in the top ten over Reagan if Reagan had also played in the west. Two NCAA bids and a token Hobey candidate make Hockey East more like the ECAC without the education than one of college hockey's premier conferences. So Hockey East really needed Gerbe to be one of the finalists for the award.