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Lawson's No Goal

There's a couple pretty good replays of Kyle Lawson's disallowed goal in last night's championship game over at ESPN.

I've got a couple thoughts on the play, some of which may be at odds with each other.

1. The way that rule is written is absolutely awful. It's so unclear that it's almost impossible to get the "right" call.

2. There probably wouldn't be as much discussion about this if Gary Thorne hadn't framed things the way he did, pointing out that Lawson didn't really make contact as he was "kicking" the puck.

3. Semantically, my definition of a kick involves winding up to strike the puck. Lawson clearly doesn't do that. Is a half-a-kick still a kick?

4. Greg Shepherd has no business even being in the building last night, let alone making important calls. My faith in him to make the correct call is absolutely zero. He's been nothing but an embarrassment for the WCHA.

5. Again, it's a terrible rule that needs to be changed.