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Fairbanks Coaching Search

I'm probably following this closer than necessary, but we're pretty much in full off-season mode now, so it's this or nothing.

News-Miner beat writer Danny Martin talked with Alaska athletic director Forrest Karr about the search committee for selecting the new head coach. The committee will basically be the same as last time, with a couple additions.

Added to the committee will be a player representative(""He can go back to the team and talk to them about the steps taking place," Karr said.), team athletic trainer Mike Curtin(""The first one is that over my four years, I’ve really grown to valule Mike Curtin’s judgment on a variety of topics," Karr said, "and the second one is I wanted someone to represent the staff that works directly with the head hockey coach."), and assistant athletic director for finance and business operations Kim Anderons(""She can gauge the candidates’ experiences working with administrative staffs,")

This is speculation on my part, but looking at the new additions to the search committee probably provides some clues into what some of the issues with DelCastillo were.