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Doc on Thin Ice

Alaska beat writer Danny Martin wrote an article discussing head coach Doc DelCastillo's tenuous future in Fairbanks.

The meat of the article came from vice chancellor for university advancement Jake Poole who said:
"To be honest with you, we’re talking about all the different options, so nothing has been decided. So, we’re waiting to talk some more with Doc over the next couple of days. This is the time of year that we’re talking to everybody.

"We’re going to figure out if there’s going to be a continuation or an extension."
It doesn't sound like any decisions have been made yet, but that's not exactly a ringing endorsement.

It sounds like some of the players on the current team weren't particularly pleased with DelCastillo's coaching style and didn't appreciate their lame duck status on the team, with an entire new cast of players lined up to join the team.

Normally, I'd say this kind of publicity could hurt future recruiting, but Alaska could probably go 5 years without recruiting another player and they'd be ok.