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DelCastillo Out

I've received word that Doc DelCastillo is no longer the head coach at Alaska, and it looks like USHR is also reporting it as well.

It sounds like the reason for the coaching change wasn't hockey-related, but some sort of Human Resources issue.

That said, it was a tumultuous year in Fairbanks for DelCastillo, and while he is a very smart coach, and excellent recruiter, I don't think he ever really gained the respect of the players he inherited, or got the support of the local community, which is probably more important in Fairbanks than in most places(If you'll recall, part of the interview process in Fairbanks last summer involved meeting and fielding questions from the community). Even if that wasn't the reason for his downfall, it certainly didn't help his cause.

As far as a potential replacement, the short list shouldn't be too hard for the school to figure out, since they interviewed some excellent candidates less than 12 months ago. The only problem is that the job probably looks a little less attractive now, with a number of the team's better players leaving the program, and over 20 recruits already promised a spot on the team.