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Tournament Previews

In case you didn't read through all of the previews, my predicted Frozen Four looked this:

West: Michigan State
Midwest: North Dakota
East: Michigan
Northeast: Boston College

My pick for the national champion? Niagara. Sure, they'll probably lose the only game they play, but it will be to the number one team in the country. Their strength of schedule will be through the freakin' roof, and at the end of the day, that is what matters more than who actually wins or loses on the ice.

For what it's worth, the NHL scout who won the Tournament Pick'em last year picked a Frozen Four of Colorado College, North Dakota, Michigan, and Miami, with North Dakota beating CC in the final.

Here are the College Hockey News previews for the Midwest, East, West,and Northeast regionals.

The INCH previews for the East, West, Northeast, and Midwest regionals.

The Hoover Street Rag previews for the Midwest, West, Northeast, and East regionals.