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Pretty Darn Good Official Screws Up Again

Here's the latest WCHA officiating controversy, courtesy of Todd Milewski:
Referee Derek Shepherd blew his whistle just before Andy Bohmbach slid a rebound past Jase Weslosky in the third period, with the Badgers down 3-2. The puck popped up on Weslosky, who extended his glove in front to try to catch the puck. It was out of his reach, however, and fell to the ice.

Shepherd, who was trailing the play, must have thought that Weslosky grabbed the puck out of the air. Eaves' issue with the call was Shepherd's positioning.
There's also YouTube evidence. I wonder if Shepherd will face any consequences for blowing such an important call in such a critical game?(No, I couldn't type that with a straight face.)