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Michigan will be without Matt Rust after Rust broke his leg in practice. It was described as a "non-bearing bone" in the leg though, whatever that means, so there's still a chance he'll play in the NCAA tournament. Meanwhile, there's a chance Bryan Marshall could play for Omaha this weekend.

Minnesota-Duluth defemsenan Jason Garrison was cleared to play against Denver this weekend. Meanwhile, Denver forward/defenseman Pat Mullen was suspended by the Pioneers for Friday after getting 10-minute misconducts in both games against Colorado College.

Meanwhile, Kevin Pates also reports that Jon Campion got a slap on the wrist for grabbing Minnesota goalie Alex Stalock.

Chay Genoway and T.J. Oshie might play this weekend against Michigan Tech. Brad Schlossman guessed Genoway was likely to play, while Oshie was more of a question mark.