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Days 2 and 3 of the Tournament

This is belated, but I thought I'd say a few things on the other games this past weekend.

North Dakota 5 Princeton 1
Princeton actually had chances in this one. North Dakota wasn't that impressive 5-on-5 and had a few defensive breakdowns that led to nice chances for Princeton. UND's powerplay was excellent and J-P Lamoureux played great in goal though.

Miami 3 Air Force 2 (OT)
Apparently AFA goalie Andrew Volkening played the game of his life. Not bad for a kid that couldn't make 3rd team all-star in Atlantic Hockey.

Wisconsin 6 Denver 2
Denver fell a game shy of setting the record for most consecutive tournament wins. A lot of people felt this justified putting Wisconsin into the tournament. They'd be wrong. Tournament berths are given out based on who had the best season, not who is most likely to win in the tournament. If they were based on predicted tournament performance, St. Cloud would never get a bid. The Badgers did a nice job regrouping after some time off to come back and get a win in the tournament.

Boston College 5 Minnesota 2
BC did manage to build a lead on the Gophers, and Minnesota could never recover. BC also looked like the much, much faster team here. I must have heard about how much this Minnesota team lacked talent in about a dozen different places. Minnesota dressed 12 NHL draft picks, including 3 first rounders in this game. How much talent do they need to be successful?

Michigan 2 Clarkson 0
Michigan manages to make it through the easiest regional. Kevin Porter locked up the Hobey with a hand in 6 of Michigan's 7 goals, but the real story was the play of Billy Sauer, who played a great game in the final to get a shutout and get Michigan back to the Frozen Four.

Notre Dame 3 Michigan State
The Irish are going to the Frozen Four for the first time in school history. It's just one of the weird things about college hockey that teams seem to have the most success in the years you wouldn't expect it. Notre Dame looked like a lock last year and got knocked off by Michigan State in the regional final, and they looked like they were dead at the end of this year, and somehow pulled it together for a nice tournament run.

Boston College 4 Miami 3

North Dakota 3 Wisconsin 2 (OT)
I spent most of Sunday on the road, so I don't have too much to say about these games.

It's got to be a heartbreaker for Miami to get so close to the Frozen Four and fall short, especially after really outshooting BC in overtime.

It looks like North Dakota had a huge third period comeback against Wisconsin. On one hand, it's surprising to see UW give up a two goal lead in the third. On the other hand, you have to expect that two goals won't be enough to beat North Dakota.