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CCHA Regular Season Finished

Tonight was the last night of regular season league play in the CCHA, and now, the playoff match-ups are all set.

First, here's a look at the standings...

1. Michigan 44 points
2. Miami 43 points
3. Michigan State 41 points
4. Notre Dame 34 points
5. Ferris State 28 points
6. Northern Michigan 27 points
7. Bowling Green 26 points
8. Nebraska-Omaha 26 points
9. Alaska 20 points
10. Lake Superior 20 points
11. Ohio State 17 points
12. Western Michigan 10 points

Bowling Green wins the tiebreaker over Nebraska-Omaha and Alaska wins the tiebreaker over Lake Superior. LSSU falls victim to the CCHA's stupid tiebreaking rules, that value conference wins over head-to-head. The Lakers swept Alaska in their one season series, but had 7 wins to Alaska's 8.

Next week's playoff match-ups look like this...

#9 Alaska at #8 Nebraska-Omaha
#10 Lake Superior at #7 Bowling Green
#11 Ohio State at #6 Northern Michigan
#12 Western Michigan at #5 Ferris State

The lowest remaining seed after the first round will travel to Ann Arbor to take on Michigan the following week. The next lowest seed will play Miami, and so forth.