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Where in the World is Brock Trotter?

Here's your daily Brock Trotter update.

The official word from Denver was that there was no update on Trotter's situation. Coach George Gwozdecky said that he's still on Denver's roster, so he's still part of the team, but couldn't give any more information. So he's still technically on the team, but there's really no other evidence to suggest he's still part of the team.

It probably goes without saying that this is a pretty serious situation, but his roommate, Denver captain Andrew Thomas didn't even give an answer to a question on whether Trotter was still living with him.

Meanwhile, in North Dakota, Sioux play-by-play announcer Tim Hennessy reported that USHL commish Gino Gasparini told him that Trotter was trying to join the Lincoln Stars of the USHL, where he played his junior hockey.

Mike Chambers followed up on that rumor, and Gasparini said he had heard about Trotter going to Lincoln from a third or fourth party.

Chambers mentions that Lincoln already has their allotted four "overage players," though from a pure hockey standpoint, I'm sure Lincoln would be more than willing to give up an enforcer for a top scorer on a top college team.

And finally, I talked with the source who originally told me Trotter was gone, and he remained firm about Trotter having left Denver. Given his position and past history, I've got no choice but to believe them.

So right now, there's a ton of evidence pointing to the fact that Trotter isn't with Denver any more, but Denver is being very careful to not actually say it. I can think of two theories as to why they are being so careful. One, there is a slim hope that something could change, and Trotter could return to the team. Or two, Trotter is definitely gone, but DU could possibly be opening themselves up to legal action if they say he is gone before all of their ducks are in a row.