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Shegos' Bias Killing Miami Dynasty

After cleverly hiding as one of the most competent officials in all of college hockey for over a decade, CCHA referee Matt Shegos has finally been exposed for what he is, thanks to some hard work by the good people of Miami University.

In this letter to the editor of the Miami student paper, an associate professor, someone who has ostensibly had years of higher education, feels that Matt Shegos' unconscious bias is the reason why Miami lost to Michigan two weeks ago.

I think they may be on to something here. Clearly the selection of Mark Wilkins to officiate last weekend's series between Miami and Ferris State was a result of unconscious bias by CCHA head of officials and Ferris State alum Steve Piotrowski to give Ferris State an advantage. And just wait to see what happens to Miami should they run into Michigan State, the alma mater of CCHA commissioner Tom Anastos, in the CCHA playoffs.