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Portland Update

Gregg Drinann of the Kamloops Daily News had a post this morning discussing the Portland situation.

He talked with WHL commissioner Ron Robinson, and while Robinson couldn't say much, he did mention that issues in Portland were brought up at a governor's meeting earlier this month, stressed that they would continue to investigate Portland, and said that an investigation couldn't wait until the end of the season.

Drinnan also has reports from sources stating that Portland hasn't paid their stick supplier in "gawd knows how long," and that Kevin Undershute's February 6th surgery in Portland was cancelled, and that he'd be visiting a specialist in Calgary on February 29th.

Meanwhile, 15-year old Daniel Johnston received special clearance from the WHL today to go over the 5-game maximum for a '92 birthdate, due to Portland's injury situation. Johnston was unable to finish Portland's last game, after he suffered a jaw contusion on a big hit.