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Not So Rosy in Portland

It's been an ugly year for the Portland Winterhawks of the WHL. It looks like the team could have more serious problems than their struggles on the ice.

A rumor surfaced on a WHL message board, saying Portland refused to pay for surgery for one of their injured players. There are also rumors that Portland hasn't been able to pay their stick supplier, meaning players have had to buy sticks with money out of their own pocket.

There was a third rumor about the team's pre-game meal on the road consisting of greasy pizza 7 hours before a game, but Portland PBP guy Andy Kemper dispelled that rumor.

The rumors of players not receiving proper medical treatment casts a dark shadow over the fact that Portland has been plagued by injuries this year. They were only able to dress 14 skaters in yesterday's game against Prince George.

Player's having to buy their own stick doesn't seem like a huge offense, by itself, but it certainly raises some questions about where else the team is cutting corners if they can't make a payment of a couple thousand dollars to a stick supplier.

It seems like there's been a considerable amount of outrage in the WHL community over these accusations, and it's expected that the WHL will investigate the matter.

There's also some more information at the Portland Winterhawks OregonLive message board.