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I don't link to nearly enough CCHA stuff here, mainly because it isn't as easily accessible as WCHA info, and that's a real shame, because there's some good stuff out there, like the fact that Notre Dame's Kevin Deeth has a cowboy hat signed by Gretchen Wilson.

Michigan State goalie Jeff Lerg was named Michigan's Best by the Detroit Free Press.

No real surprises on the first full day of Minnesota HS sectionals. The closest thing to an upset was two 9 seeds beating 8 seeds. 7th seed Andover put a scare into 2nd seed Anoka in Section 5AA, but Anoka scored late in the game for a 2-1 win. One of the best games of the evening was in 8AA, when Buffalo defeated St. Cloud Tech 7-6 in double overtime.

ISS has their February NHL Draft Rankings. Ness-23rd, Gardiner-25th, Toews-26th, Colborne-27th.

Article on Minnesota State recruit goalie Kevin Murdock. He says about all you need to know about life in Nebraska:
"I was meeting people at the airport when I got here. I met coach’s wife, and she asked me where I was from. Bradenton (Florida). She’s like, ‘Tommie Frazier’s from Bradenton.’ My dad had to explain to me later that he’s like a God here."
Hockey's Future discusses Anaheim's NCAA prospects.