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It was a sad day in the OHL yesterday, as Windsor Spitfires 19-year old captain Mickey Renaud collapsed and died.

Roman Augustoviz interviewed WCHA commish Bruce McLeod. On the officials:
"The focus is on officials more than ever, but our officials are pretty darn good," McLeod said, "and on a par from what we received from them as a group in the past."
Take out "but our officials are pretty darn good" and I think he nailed it.

Denver coach George Gwozdecky had some interesting comments on the DU/North Dakota fight. Among them:

Gwozdecky said of the bench-clearing situation that unfolded after the second-period buzzer. "The same culprits that have been involved with previous issues from North Dakota were perhaps the catalyst to get this started."
Niagara's Les Reaney left the Purple Eagles to sign with the Edmonton Oilers.

I figured it was a matter of time before this made its way to YouTube. Here is the (in)famous hit on Ryan Lasch. It's absolutely remarkable that Lasch played the night after this hit, and managed to score a goal.

Still, St. Cloud was up 2-0 in that game, about to take a 3-0 lead and there was no way Minnesota State was going to come ba...WTF?

MGoBlog figures Michigan can lose their next 6 games and still end up 6th in the Pairwise. Denver is currently trying this method and doesn't recommend it. Bonus points because that post worked both HOWEVA and Sparty, No! into the same post.

Kevin Pates points out that Jeff Dubay has no clue what he's talking about. Why not just go down to the kindergarten and beat up the slow children?

Wisconsin's Skate with the Badgers was snowed out.

Mike Comrie scored a nice goal.