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HS Hockey on the Radio

As you may have noticed, there's been a lot of Minnesota High School Hockey coverage here lately, and it's probably going to increase over the next two weeks. I know a large percentage of readers here don't particularly care, and for that, I apologize. I can tell you that there will be the same college hockey coverage, just with more high school stuff mixed in, because this is my favorite time of the year.

This is a huge week for high school hockey here in Minnesota now that we're down to the final rounds of the section tournaments. Last night in the upper northwest part of the state, East Grand Forks beat Zach Lehrke's Park Rapids team 8-3 to advance to the final against Warroad. Lehrke managed to draw quite a crowd, however, with many coaches from around the country making the trip up to see him play.

The action really picks up on Wednesday when four of the best teams in the Twin Cities meet at Mariucci Arena for two spots in the state tournament, while Roseau takes on Moorhead in St. Coud, while games are going on at the State Fairgrounds. In the olden days, you would have had to scavenge around the internet like sort of tech-savvy ferret to get scores for all those games. Luckily there's a better solution for those living in the Twin Cities. The Minnesota Sports Broadcast Network will be broadcasting live on 95.3 FM with live listen-ins from around the state. It should be a great way to get scores and listen to some great hockey from all around the state.