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Hobey Watch

My Top 3
1. Kevin Porter
2. Jean-Phillippe Lamoureux
3. Ryan Cruthers

I'll come clean. I have no clue who Ryan Cruthers is. I've never seen him play. I hadn't even heard of him until a couple weeks ago. But he's a senior with 44 points and nobody else seems to be making much of a case for themselves. Richard Bachman very easily also could have been in the top 3 as well.

INCH Hobey Tracker

Is here.

Last week, INCH ran a big feature on Nate Gerbe's Hobey campaign in their Hockey East notebook.

Hockey East commissioner Joe Bertagna said he didn't think Gerbe's transgressions should be held against him, but really, what was Bertagna supposed to say? If Bertagna didn't show support for Gerbe, that basically would kill whatever chance he has at the award, and after Gerbe, who is the next best Hobey candidate in Hockey East? Matt Fornataro and Mike Radja? Would either of those guys even make the top 10?