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Hobey Watch

My Top 3
1. Kevin Porter
2. Bryan Marshall
3. Ryan Jones

I moved Marshall up after a nice 3-point weekend back in his home state. I think everyone acknowledges that you have to be on a successful team to have a shot at this award, but the question is, just how successful does your team have to be? UNO is probably looking at a 5th or 6th place finish in the CCHA, depending on how they do when they host Bowling Green in two weeks. The Mavericks currently sit just outside the TUC bubble at 28th in the RPI ratings. They only have one game against a TUC left on their schedule, so they won't get a lot of help in terms of strength of schedule, but if they could boost their record(currently 12-13-3), they could maybe make it into the top 20. They won't be in the discussion for an at-large tourney bid, which may turn some people off, but I think playing on a team in the top 25 in the RPI should at least get him mentioned in the discussion.

Technically Jones dropped after a bye week, but I don't feel too bad since he'll have the opportunity to make a big move up this weekend. You could very easily switch Jones with teammate Jeff Zatkoff for that third spot. Perhaps it's unfair of me to downgrade Zatkoff for this, but he's playing on a team that scores over 4 goals per game, so he's not exactly walking a tightrope by only allowing 1.50 goals per game. But again, the same goes that he could move way up with a big weekend.

INCH Hobey Tracker

Is here.

Pretty much the same as last week. Jeff Zatkoff could move up if he plays well this weekend. Kevin Porter could move up if he transfers to a different school.

CSTV Hobey Watch

I can't get this week's big board, but there's an article discussing it here.

Porter is back as the unanimous number one, probably not so much for what he did, but because Jeff Lerg had a shaky weekend. I thought Lerg had a chance of sneaking back into the race if he played phenomenal hockey down the stretch, but Friday's game against UNO probably killed what tiny bit of hope there was.

Towards the bottom of the list, Peter Mannino and Ryan Lasch are just barely hanging on, while Billy Sauer was dropped completely.