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CSTV Rink Rat No More

It was with great sadness last week that I learned Elliot Olshansky, the CSTV Rink Rat, would no longer be with CSTV. CSTV is going through a "restructuring" that will likely no longer include

While it's disappointing, it doesn't come as a huge surprise to see CSTV make cuts. There was a pretty huge red flag earlier this year when, instead of sending their broadcasters to call a game from Madison Square Garden, they had them call the game from a studio, a few blocks away, as a money-saving maneuver. A channel like CSTV is a great idea, but is probably always going to struggle financially. I'd like to think I'm at the heart of their target audience, and I rarely watch it because it's not part of my cable package, and I'm rarely home on a Friday or Saturday night during the hockey season, and I'm sure many fans, in a already small market, or in the same position.

Still, it's sad to see a talented person leave, especially one who brought a unique perspective of being able to most everyone in the country play live at some point or another. Elliot has been a good friend to this blog, and while we may not have always agreed, I've always respected his opinions. Here's hoping where ever he ends up next allows him a little time for some blogging.

For more, Olshansky did an "exit interview" of sorts over at RWD.