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Color Me More Surprised

This is always my favorite weekly segment.

I'm pretty sure Denver is totally at fault here, because North Dakota has been involved in three other fights this year that have resulted in game DQs, and the other team was totally responsible for starting it in every instance. The poor Sioux have to be the unluckiest team in the world.

Most of the blame falls on referee Marco Hunt for allowing Kyle Radke to stay in the game. Radke caught DU's J.P. Testwuide with a nice spear about midway through the second. Testwuide retaliated with a slash, and the two fought. Now common sense would dictate that if two players drop their gloves, take off their helmets, and throw punches, it would be considered a fight. Apparently not though, and that wise decision paid off at the end of the period when Radke came out of the box and picked a fight with Brandon Vossberg to turn some post-period pushing and shoving into another embarrassing fight for the WCHA.