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CHL Drafts

International Scouting Services list their top ten prospects for all three CHL drafts this spring. I figured I'd take a look at some of the prospects they have listed.

OHL Draft

1. John McFarland-Toronto Jr. Canadiens-Definitely OHL all the way. He tried to get an exemption to be in last year's draft and was denied.
2. Gregg Sutch-York Simcoe
3. Austin Watson-Compuware-Committed to Maine. Trying out for the NTDP team.
4. Jon Merrill-Little Caesar's-Committe to Michigan, and reportedly already lined up to play for the NTDP next year.
5. Steven Shipley-Elgin Middlesex-Any NCAA talk will likely be to maneuver to an OHL team of his choice.
6. Stephen Johns-Pittsburgh-Excellent player that should receive a ton of NCAA attention. Trying out for NTDP.
7. John Parker-NJ Rockets
8. Chase Balisy-Toronto Jr. Canadiens-Kind of an interesting case. A Californian playing in Toronto. It's pretty much expected that he'll end up in the OHL, but he is going to be attending the NTDP tryout camp. Still, I think he'll end up in the OHL sooner or later.
9. Brandon Saad-Pittsburgh-Trying out for NTDP. Michigan is the only school I've heard of having interest in him, but I'm sure there are a lot of others. He could suffer from the Mueller/Kane/Hayes problem in that he's in 9th grade this year, meaning that if he went to the NTDP, he'd either have to accelerate his schooling, or play a year somewhere else after his two NTDP years before going to college.
10. Nick Quinn, Toronto Red Wings


1. Brandon Gormley-Notre Dame Prep-Possibly interested in the NCAA, but I think it's a real longshot given how highly he's rated by the QMJHL.
2. Sean Couturier-Notre Dame Prep-Q all the way.
3. Ben Duffy-Dartmouth
4. Yasin Cisse-Lac St. Louis-Pretty big kid for his age. Likely to play in the Q.
5. Danny Biega-Salisbury-There are already two Biega brothers at Harvard.
6. Garrett Clarke-Russell Stover-Committed to UND. The NCAA commitment may drop him in the draft to a team with big money to throw around. The next two summers should be interesting. A lot may depend on how good his experience in Fargo is next season.
7. Guillaume Asselin-St. Francis
8. John Henrion-Boston Jr. Bruins-Committed to New Hampshire. He's a '91 birthdate, but he's had a pretty good year this year which raised his stock.
9. Samuel Carrier-Antoine
10. Cedric Henley-Amos

WHL Draft

1. Michael St. Croix-Winnipeg-There are rumors that he's interested in North Dakota. The biggest question might be where would he play the next three seasons if he wanted to stick with the college route.
2. Shane McColgan-Los Angeles Jr. Kings-Haven't heard much on the likely route for him, but it'd be nice to see him choose college hockey.
3. Brett Benson-Weyburn-I've heard he may be interested in the NCAA, but I'm pretty skeptical.
4. Mitch Topping-Red Deer-The Sutter Family's Red Deer team should have an early pick in the draft.
5. Duncan Siemens-Sherwood Park-
6. Colin Jacobs-Texas Attack-Same as McColgan. I think he's keeping all his options at this point.
7. Brendan Hurley-Fort Saskatchewan
8. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins-Burnaby Winter Club-Considering the NCAA route
9. Zach Hodder-Notre Dame Prep-
10. C. Smith-CAC