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Addtional Suspensions forTestwuide, Radke

After further review, WCHA commissioner Bruce McLeod has suspended Denver's J.P Testwuide for one game, and added another game to the suspension of North Dakota's Kyle Radke for their fight on Saturday night. McLeod said his pretty darn good official, Marco Hunt, "under-called" the incident by not giving each player a game disqualification.

The suspension should be no big deal for North Dakota. Radke will now miss both games of their series against Bemidji State, and really, a harsher penalty might have been forcing them to play Radke.

Testwuide's suspension is a little more serious for Denver. Denver is already down a couple forwards with Brock Trotter leaving for the pros, and Tyler Ruegsegger out with an injury. Without Testwuide and Vossberg, they may struggle to fill four lines on Friday night against Anchorage.