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Wisconsin's Appeal Denied

Bill Hudson, head of the WCHA Faculty Athletic Representatives ruled that Wisconsin's appeal to have the outcome of last Friday's game changed, has been denied, much like the goal they scored that should have counted.

They cited a rule from the NCAA rulebook stating that their can be no appeal to a referee's decision. I'm pretty sure there's also a rule in there about pucks going into the net during play counting as a goal, but it's a thick book, and I can't say I've read all of it.

Overall, it's probably the right decision though. Sadly, if we started handing out points and replaying games any time a video review was messed up in the WCHA, it would be chaos. Not only would it open up a can of worms for the future, but also for the past, since St. Cloud State had also received an apology from the WCHA for a blown video replay in a one-goal loss.