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Oy Vey

Denver beat Wisconsin 3-2 tonight...sort of.

The Badgers appeared to tie the game with under a second left in the game, but the referee decided the goal was scored after time had expired, and thus disallowed the goal.

There is video, albeit fairly Zapruder-esque: Controversy! at Magness

The quality isn't outstanding, but you can see the Wisconsin players with their arms raised, and two officials signaling that it is goal prior to time expiring. I've heard the argument that Fox Sport's game clock may not be 100% accurate, but if you look closely, you'll notice that as soon as the clock on the screen hits 0.0, the green light behind the goal clicks on signaling the end of the period, which leads me to believe that it is pretty much accurate. It'd say it's pretty hard to argue that the puck didn't go in before the end of the period.

And who was the referee for this game? None other than Randy Schmidt, who made headlines earlier this year for when he blew this call. The WCHA later apologized to St. Cloud for Schmidt's decision to allow that goal. Perhaps another apology is in order here.