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New Commits

Via Chris Heisenberg...

Nebraska-Omaha added two more recruits from their favorite hockey hotbeds. Forward Brent Gwidt from the Indiana Ice, and forward David Morley of the Aurora Tigers in Ontario will both be joining the Mavericks. Gwidt is a 6th round draft pick of the Washington Capitals. Morley is a smaller forward, that likely won't join the Mavericks until 2010.

Northern Michigan added Alberta defenseman Bob Lindemulder for either next year or the year after.

Traverse City(NAHL) forward Clinton Bourbonais committed to Air Force. It's an interesting commitment because Bourbonais was listed as a 'player to watch' by NHL Central Scouting, which most Air Force Cadets are not. Bourbonais is a talented player, and also an excellent student, so he should fit in well at the Academy.

And finally, it wouldn't be a post about commitments if Alaska wasn't involved. The Nanooks added NAHL defenseman Aaron Gens for next season. That brings the unofficial list of players committed to Alaska to 17, nearly enough to field an entire team.