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Leivermann to Mankato

Mankato West senior forward Corey Leivermann has committed to Minnesota State, meaning he will likely be the first player from the Mankato youth hockey program to play for the Mavericks.

Leivermann is having a great senior season so far. He is second in the state of Minnesota in total points, trailing only teammate Ricky Litchfield, and Mankato West is a perfect 11-0 so far this season, and ranked among the top 10 teams in Class A by just about everybody, which is absolutely unheard of for a team in that part of the state.

My impressions from watching Leivermann were that he was always a very smart, hard-working hockey player, a combination that allowed him to get the most out of the talent he had, but his skating ability sometimes caused him to get lost against better competition. He showed improvement in that area this past fall in the Elite League where he was among the league's leading scorers, and a year or two of playing against faster competition in junior hockey should help prepare him for the WCHA.