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January ISS Rankings

International Scouting Services has posted their Top 30 rankings for January.

College players include Colin Wilson at 9, John Carlson at 20 Aaron Ness at 24, and David Toews at 27.

Aaron Ness and Jared Festler were also mentioned as 'Rising'. Here's what ISS had to say:
Aaron Ness -- Roseau HS (USHS)

Position: LD Height: 5.09 Weight: 157

There is a lot of interest in this skilled puck-moving defenseman and rightfully so. While most NHL scouts were arriving back from the WJC in Sweden, more than a few could be seen at the Roseau High School game.

With about a dozen NHL scouts including ISS watching, Ness didn’t disappoint collecting two 'Highlight reel' assists. Plays above and beyond this level.

Electrifying! Best player on the ice. Excellent skater. Feet will be an asset. Potential star. This is a player to watch. You win with guys like this.
Jared Festler -- Lincoln Stars (USHL)

Position: LW Height: 5.09 Weight: 170

Festler displayed both excellent skating and nifty moves in conjunction with solid stickhandling/passing skills. He goes hard all over the ice and uses his stick well to strip the puck from opposing players. Appears to be more of a finesse player than a physical player... Good talent.