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In Rod We Trust

(Everyone else got to use that headline and I felt left out)

Credit to MGoBlog for breaking this huge story: new Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez is probably playing Score-O tonight at Michigan's hockey game against Western.(For those who know Score-O by a different name, it's the game where you shoot from center ice and try to put the puck through the little hole in the board).

This has the potential to be pretty interesting, since I'm fairly confident Rodriguez has never actually attended a hockey game before. Rodriguez did meet with Red Berenson shortly after he was hired, though his first, and only, question to Red about college hockey was whether or not players were allowed to fight.

Suffice to say, I'm fairly confident we'll see some board-lifting from the Yost staffers tonight, assuming Rodriguez can get the puck anywhere near the net. The good news is that if he gets the $50 for winning, that money can go towards paying his buyout to West Virginia.