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Ehn, Ryder Out for the Season

Two disappointing bits of news came out of the Colorado this past weekend on the injury front.

First, Denver defenseman John Ryder will be for the rest of the rest season, after a hand injury worsened over the weekend. Ryder has only played in a handful of games for the Pioneers this year as a freshmen, but played for the Pioneers, especially considering he was a very late addition to the team.

Second, Eric Ehn, a Hobey Finalist last season, will miss the rest of the year with a leg injury. Ehn had 25 points in 24 games this season, tying him for 25th in the country in scoring. There was some talk of Ehn, who turns 24 a week from today, getting an exemption on his military service to pursue a career in pro hockey, but this leg injury can't help his chances.