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WCH Weekend Preview

Thursday Night Pre-Game Movie: Unaccompanied Minors. I'm a huge fan of the radio show This American Life and this film is based off of a TAL story. Plus, there are some very funny people in the movie.

Friday Afternoon Pre-Game Song: Tainted Love by Soft Cell. A lot of people call Soft Cell a one-hit wonder. But I think even that is a stretch, because before you get to the end of the song, you're already kind of a sick of it. They're more like a one-half hit wonder.

Games I'd Want to See If I Had Unlimited Funds:Blais v. Woog in the ancient, deadly art of bubble hockey. I hope Doug Woog remembers to keep his foot out of the bucket. Or in the bucket. Or in another bucket. Or whatever it is.

Controversial Play That a WCHA Official Will Probably Screw-Up: I've got no real complaints this week.

Cliche Arena Song of the Week: In Heaven There is No Beer. I'm fundamentally opposed to this song because I fully intend on out-living all of my friends.

Picks to Click
Last week: 1 goal, 1 assist, 35 saves 3 goals against, 1 loss

Forward: Ryan Jones, Miami
Defense: Mike Ratchuk, Michigan State
Goalie: Alex Stalock, Minnesota-Duluth

Pre/Post-Game Meal of the Week:
Gyros. Dino's gyros if we're being Twin Cities-centric. I'm not really sure what part of the animal the gyro is, but it's delicious.

Arena Food of the Week:
Dippin' Dots. Welcome to the ice cream of TOMORROW!.

Wisdom of Michael Scott: "There are four kinds of business: tourism, food service, railroads, and sales...and hospitals/manufacturing...and air travel.

Predictions For You Compulsive Gambling-Types That Have to Bet

Gambletron 2000's Pick of the Week: Blais 308 Woog 0

Smooth Jimmy Apollo's 52% Lock of the Week: Saturday night Miami 6 Alaska 1

The George Costanza Special(A prediction that is the exact opposite of every instinct and inclination I have): Minnesota sweeps North Dakota