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NCAA Blogging Policy

Now that the NCAA has solved that pressing North Dakota logo issue, it looks like they've moved on to other, extremely important ventures. After a bizarre incident where a newspaper writer was kicked out of an NCAA baseball super-regional for live-blogging, the NCAA has come out with a live-blogging policy. (Link via this guy)

So credentialed journalists can now live blog during NCAA championship events(which in hockey, only applies to NCAA regionals and the Frozen Four), but are limited in the number of the posts. In hockey, bloggers are allowed three posts per period, plus one in between each period. So if someone is live-blogging after each goal from the press box at the Frozen Four this spring, and someone jumps out to a quick 3-0 lead in the first period, and then an asteroid hits the Pepsi Center, the NCAA kindly requests that you wait until the intermission to blog about it.

The NCAA is all about coming up with solutions. As long as that solution involves bureaucracy and pages upon pages of rules.