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Former Minnesota coach Doug Woog is going to be taking on former North Dakota coach Dean Blais in a game of bubble hockey at center ice of the Ralph Englestad Arena on Friday before Minnesota's game against North Dakota.

The WCHA Blog is closing its doors, hopefully temoporarily.

The Mankato Free Press is giving out 500 free MSU hockey toques at Friday night's game against Wisconsin. Sadly, by 'toque,' they mean the winter hat and not the chef hat. I think Michigan should work on passing out some free chef's toques in honor of their Swedish Chef, Carl Hagelin. Get on that, Michigan Athletic Department, if you're not too busy on your stupid effing sailboat.

Speaking of Hagelin, he's on Sweden's World Junior team. Other names to keep an eye on off that Swedish roster are '90-born defenseman Victor Hedman, and '91-born forward Magnus Svensson-Paajarvi.

USA Hockey announced that St. Cloud, Fargo, and Providence are the three finalists to host the 2009 U18 tournament.

Colin returns to the blogosphere with a post on Michigan's weekend against Ohio State and a post about Bryan Hogan, who won in his first collegiate start last Saturday.

Drinks this weekend are on Minnesota, since their annual, Big Ten welfare check will once again include two major bowl games.