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Hobey Watch

And we come back to college hockey with this week's Hobey Watch.

1. Kevin Porter, Michigan

Porter had a relatively quiet weekend with only one assist in each game, but he's still leading by a lot.

2. Ryan Lasch, St. Cloud

He's looking kind of similar to Ryan Duncan last year. He's not a prototypical Hobey candidate, but he'll hang around as long as he scores points, which he did last weekend in St. Cloud's two losses to Wisconsin.

3. Eric Ehn, Air Force

Ehn has climbed back into the race with 14 points in his last 7 games. Ehn should be helped by the fact that his name was out there all of last year.

4. Chad Rau, Colorado College

Last week, I had Rau 4th, before switching him out at the last minute for teammate Richard Bachman. This week, Rau gets his due. He's in the midst of an 8-game scoring streak.