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CCHA: And Now For the Interesting Part

It's become fairly obvious that the CCHA this season is a four-team race between Michigan, Miami, Notre Dame, and Michigan State. At the semester break, all four teams have no more than 2 losses, and are at least 8 points lost ahead of the next best team in the league.

That said, the first half of the CCHA regular season has been kind of tame. Here were the series that featured two of the top four teams in the first half of the season:

Notre Dame @ Miami
Miami @ Michigan State

That means the second half should be fairly exciting with some huge match-ups. Here's a look at the series between two of the top four teams in the second half of the season.

Michigan State home and home with Notre Dame
Michigan State home and home with Michigan
Michigan home and Palace of Auburn Hills with Notre Dame
Michigan @ Miami
Michigan State home and Joe Louis Arena with Michigan

Looking at the schedule, it would seem that Miami has a bit of an advantage. They only have one series each against the other three teams, and have already played two of them. Michigan, on the other hand, hasn't played a top team yet, and four out of their 8 remaining series are against top teams.