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You Have One Day, Bucky

Apparently in addition to North Dakota's fight with Wisconsin on Saturday night, there was a bit of violence directed towards Wisconsin's mascot.

Before the game on Saturday, North Dakota defenseman Joe Finley slashed Bucky Badger in the shin, as Bucky was trying to leave the ice.

WCHA commissioner Bruce McLeod reviewed tape of the incident, and stated that Finely will have to write an apology letter to David Blanchard, who wears the vaunted Badger costume.

First off, I think it would have been hilarious if, as on the TV show "Cavemen", the person inside the mascot costume ended up being female. (I've referenced some ridiculous stuff on here, but I've never been more embarassed than right now, referencing "Cavemen")

Second, I think Finley should skip the apology letter, and instead make a Michael Scott-esque apology video. Having studied them, I think there are three main keys:

1. Make sure it is directed by a woman. These things require a woman's touch.

2. Do not let them make you an escapegoat.

3. And I cannot stress this enough: make sure you give them an ultimatum. They always give an ultimatum in the movies.