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WCH Weekend Preview

Thursday Night Pre-Game Movie: Anything but Employee of the Month. Louis CK never starred in an awful, awful movie that didn't need to be made. Why couldn't Dane Cook have copied that from him too?

Friday Afternoon Pre-Game Song: "Shame" by Stabbing Westward. Technically, Stabbing Westward is known more these days for the song "Save Yourself" which is played in the trailer of every action movie, but I always liked "Shame" better.

Games I'd Want to See If I Had Unlimited Funds
: Miami at Michigan State. Both teams have an outstanding record, but haven't really been tested yet. This weekend should help tell us which of these teams are for real.

Controversial Play That a WCHA Official Will Probably Screw-Up: Something that is clearly explained in the NCAA's Points of Emphasis memo.

Cliche Arena Song of the Week
: "Come on Feel the Noize" by Quiet Riot. Yes, they actually spelled 'noise' like that. My brother once played in a high school hockey game where this was the only song they played at every stoppage of play.

Picks to Click
Last week: 1 goal, 0 assists, 1 save, 3 goals against, one loss. I bet that one save was freakin' awesome though.

Forward: Blake Wheeler
Defenseman: Jack Hillen
Goalie: Jordan Pearce

Arena Food of the Week:
Popcorn. I know this is a popular concession, because any time I'm at a hockey rink, someone has to walk up right behind me and eat some in my ear. I swear it's like I have a sign on my back or something.

Injury Report
Ryan Stoa-Minnesota-Out for year with knee injury
Zach Pelletier-Ohio State-Out for year with leg injury
Jake Wilkens-Michigan Tech-Out with leg injury
Evan Oberg-Minnesota-Duluth-Out with leg injury
Louie Caporusso-Michigan-Out with knee injury
Michael Lee-Teslak-Questionable with back injury
Blake Friesen-Minnesota State-Questionable with undisclosed injury
Mike Testwuide-Colorado College-Questionable with ankle injury
Mike Howe-Minnesota-Out with concussion
Juha Uotila-Nebraska-Omaha-Questionable due to academics
Bucky Badger-Wisconsin-Questionable with leg injury

Predictions For You Compulsive Gambling-Types That Have to Bet

Gambletron 2000's Pick of the Week: Friday night-Alaska-Anchorage 213 Minnesota 0

Smooth Jimmy Apollo's 52% Lock of the Week: Friday Night-Notre Dame 4 Western Michigan 2

The George Costanza Special(A prediction that is the exact opposite of every instinct and inclination I have): Ferris State sweeps Nebraska-Omaha