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Thursday Hockey/Office Update

Nebraska-Omaha beat Ohio State 5-2 tonight to earn their first CCHA points. It's been a rough start for UNO in the CCHA, starting out the season with two games against #1 Miami and two games against #2 Michigan.

Omaha's Brandon Scero returned to the Maverick lineup from injury tonight and scored 2 goals an assist. Ohio State goalie Joe Palmer's struggles continued in goal. He gave up four goals in the second period before being pulled for back-up Dustin Carlson.

I liked The Office tonight. Again, they're moving away from the relationship aspect and going back to writing funny stuff. The end of the episode was great. The dynamic any time there is a scene with Michael and Jim is fabulous. They've really done a great job of slowly developing Jim's character over the past couple of seasons.

Of course the bad news is that next week's episode will be the last new episode for a while due to the writer's strike. Note to NBC: I'll scab for cheap. Note to writers: I'm just kidding. Another note to NBC: *wink*