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A Tale of Two Conferences

Looking at the standings after Friday night's games really highlighted the difference between the CCHA and the WCHA for me.

In the CCHA, the top 5 teams all have one or fewer losses, with Michigan and Michigan State still undefeated in conference play. On the other end of the spectrum, Lake Supeior, Alaska, Ohio State, and Northern Michigan all have yet to earn a point in conference play this season. The gap between the good teams and the bad teams seems pretty huge this year

In the WCHA, on the otherhand, every team has lost at least one conference game so far. Alaska-Anchorage is the only WCHA team without a win in the league, but the Seawolves do have two ties so far, and they only trail first place Colorado College by 6 points. North Dakota began the season as the clear-cut favorite around the country, but after 5 games, are 2-3-0 in conference play. There's virtually no gap between the best and the worst teams this year. Everyone seems to at least be competitive on any given night, which makes for some very exciting hockey.