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Leveille to State

Players have been faxing in their letters of intent this week, which means teams are finally allowed to acknowledge the players they have recruited, and every once in a while, there are a couple names that have slipped past everybody.

One such example comes from Michigan State. Michigan State's release on their new recruits included St. Catharines(GHJHL) forward Daultan Leveille. Leveille was so unknown, MSU didn't even spell his name right on their press release.

Leveille was a 9th round OHL draft pick, probably because he was interested in the NCAA. He was rated as a "B" prospect for this summer's NHL draft.

Leveille's commitment was likely very recent, as he visited Michigan State two days ago, according to the St. Catharine Standard. The week prior, Leveille had visited Ohio State.